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De-mystifying the home purchase process at an open house

There is a lot of information out there about the home purchase process, and it can be downright overwhelming. It’s best to have the whole picture when you are considering owning a home. How to get there? First stop, know your credit. If your score is below 620, there are probably a few key issues to tackle, on your path to owning a home. As luck would have it – free bridge realty + The Mortgage Company are teaming up to offer a casual and free overview of ‘how to get there’:  October 18, 1-3:00 at 11o7 west Berwick St. in south Easton.
UPDATE: there will be more.

easyStepsWhy are we hosting this casual discussion, here at 1107 W. Berwick? We are using this ‘like new’ townhouse on the edge of south Easton as our example, to help you understand what your monthly payments would look like and what closing costs would look like. Your monthly payments for PITI (mortgage, interest, taxes) is under $1300/month if you qualify for a mortgage.

If you cannot qualify but want to get there, The Mortgage Company can help you identify which credit issues would make the most impact and what to focus on, in order for you to build a path to home-ownership. Consider pre-registering for this free event with The Mortgage Company. When you pre-register, they will pull your credit for free and take time to go over what items you should work on.mortgCo

If buying a home is not in the stars for you right now, you can still form a timeline and make a plan. If nothing else, you might learn how to  fix your credit – if you are dedicated to someday owning a house, this is a great place to start. Many people do not realize how much credit affects their lives. Bad credit has many consequences; high-interest car loans and credit cards, difficulty in qualifying for a mortgage… but once you know what to focus on and if you have the drive and dedication, you might very well be able to own your own home. Stop by our open house, stay as long as you like or just grab some information. The worst thing that can happen is that you might learn something.

If you are intested in our next free ‘how to buy a home / getting on track to qualify for home-ownership’ open house event, just call 610.252.2552 or shoot us an email.

This blog is sponsored by Free Bridge Realty, llc.


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