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Baconfest: Huff, Puff, Blowing the doors off, of Easton PA

do not miss PA Baconfest, I'm telling you: it's scrumptious. [...]

Spring Intersections, of the Lehigh Valley creative world

by Ellen Shaughnessy. April 2016 Over the last few weeks we’ve been treated to a vast spectrum of art, across 22 miles of the Lehigh V [...]

Art explodes at Tobin Studios

by ellen shaughnessy * may 17, 2015 A funny thing happened to me today, as I turned off 309 and drove through Quakertown suburbia, then ente [...]

Artists in Residence: Luke Wynne captures a creative Lehigh Valley Moment

"That's what I love about photography; while I have control over the camera there is just no telling what will happen on the other side with [...]

post-Holiday treat! enjoy a MEMORY PALACE in Allentown: Jan-Feb 2015

After the holiday blur, relax and treat yourself to a curated art show that pulls together work from Brooklyn, the Lehigh Valley, Portland [...]

BOOM …it’s an art show

May 31st, 2014 & running thru June: Artists from across the Lehigh Valley show large format works: BOOM. [...]

Art in Sight of the Cemetery–PigPen

Art in sight of the cemetery – Pig Pen Project at Allentown’s Mayfair Arts Festival cues on the earthy and the otherworldly By elizabeth [...]

Riverside Arts Festival 2013 poster art unveiled… drumroll, please!

When asked what inspired his 2013 poster design for the 17th annual Riverside Arts Festival, artist Maciek Albrecht proclaimed: “it’s an [...]

Osakan thunderbolt hits Allentown Gallery!

晴天の霹靂 (Seiten no heki-reki) Literally means: Thunderclap from a clear sky. The meaning of this Japanese saying is A bolt from t [...]
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