To be or not to be, First-time Homebuyer: am I really ready?

When you rent and the roof leaks, you have the ‘luxury’ of calling your landlord in order to have that fixed… not so much when [...]

Covered Bridge Artisans Tour

Visiting the Covered Bridge Artisans during their 19th Annual Holiday Studio Tour [...]

Marlow Rodale

Marlow Rodale met me at his Banana Factory studio to discuss new paintings and catch up on recent art projects [...]

Maria Woodford

by Matthew Crain Written While Listening to Maria Woodford Sing “Ball ’n’ Chain” at Blues Week, Augusta, Georgia, June 2012. God to [...]

Adriano Farinella

by Elizabeth Johnson, as appeared in October 2012 Easton Irregular   Long before human beings gazed at computer and TV screens, we marv [...]

Brother J T

by Matthew Crain,  as appeared in October 2012             The Svelteness of Boogietude (Thrill Jockey), John Terlesky’s eigh [...]

Tiffany Calvert

by Elizabeth Johnson   “Abstraction and Figuration spar in an art historical realm” is how Adrienne Callander, curator at [...]

Hot Bijouxx

by Matthew Crain, as appeared in September 2013 By ending North by Northwest with the locomotive speeding into the tunnel, Alfred Hitchcock [...]

easton art EXPLODES

published in September 2013 issue, Radius Magazine Roses are red you know the rest Up off the couch and to Riverfest ** An explosion of Art [...]
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