Lehigh Valley Arts Scene

Maria Woodford

by Matthew Crain Written While Listening to Maria Woodford Sing “Ball ’n’ Chain” at Blues Week, Augusta, Georgia, June 2012. God to have been there

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Adriano Farinella

by Elizabeth Johnson, as appeared in October 2012 Easton Irregular   Long before human beings gazed at computer and TV screens, we marveled over dramatically

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Brother J T

by Matthew Crain,  as appeared in October 2012             The Svelteness of Boogietude (Thrill Jockey), John Terlesky’s eighteenth CD as alter ego

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Tiffany Calvert

by Elizabeth Johnson   “Abstraction and Figuration spar in an art historical realm” is how Adrienne Callander, curator at the Mississippi State Visual Arts Center Gallery

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Hot Bijouxx

by Matthew Crain, as appeared in September 2013 By ending North by Northwest with the locomotive speeding into the tunnel, Alfred Hitchcock steals Django Rinehardt’s

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Easton Is Home Blog

easton art EXPLODES

published in September 2013 issue, Radius Magazine Roses are red you know the rest Up off the couch and to Riverfest ** An explosion of

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Corinne Pulsinelle

by Elizabeth Johnson Corinne “Coco” Pulsinelle has numerous creative outlets. She was “the other woman” in Hot Bijouxx’s recent video for their debut album I’ve

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Go Trio

by Matthew Crain After two muggy, rainy nights back to back with The Go Trio + Viktorija Gečytė on their Spring Fever Tour (Gotrio.com), first

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