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Maria Woodford

by Matthew Crain Written While Listening to Maria Woodford Sing “Ball ’n’ Chain” at Blues Week, Augusta, Georgia, June 2012. God to [...]

Go Trio

by Matthew Crain After two muggy, rainy nights back to back with The Go Trio + Viktorija Gečytė on their Spring Fever Tour (Gotrio.com), f [...]

Dan DeChellis

by Matthew Crain   The only time I’ve ever cried in an art gallery was in San Jose, California, at Carmen Lomas Garza’s pie [...]

Peter Cree

by Matthew Crain Peter Cree is a master woodcarver, master furniture maker, master antiques restorer and refinisher. People the world over k [...]

the Really Terrible Orchestra

by Matthew Crain   The genius of the Really Terrible Orchestra is in its name. If it were called anything else, the listener would say, [...]

Scott Sherk

           by Matthew Crain Maybe it’s old age. Maybe I’m going deaf. But these days each hornhonk, or hammerwhack, or Harleyrev, [...]


by Matthew Crain   Officer, I can explain: just as I rounded that curve, suddenly it was like I was back at Musikfest watching Tahya da [...]

Bob Dorough at the Deer Head Inn

by Matthew Crain Those far away places with strange sounding names. Like, Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. What’s there? A 4-story buildi [...]
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